Schleuder 3.5.0 released

From: team at
Date: Mon Mar 30 17:10:09 CEST 2020

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Schleuder 3.5.0 has been released.

This release ships new features, bug fixes and various UX-related improvements:

- The list options are enhanced, via:
  - an option to include their public keys in the headers of outgoing emails
    (conforming with Autocrypt, <>),
  - an option to control whether subscribers get a copy of mail they sent
- pseudoheaders are wrapped at 78 characters and a visual separator is added
  between the pseudoheaders block and the rest of the body,
- messages sent by Jenkins or sudo are not recognized as automated,
- the output of x-resend and friends is more precise,
- attaching the public key of a list works if using Thunderbird,
- better detection of the encoding of mails, which should reduce the amount of
  problematic mails causing errors,
- incoming mails encrypted to an absent key, using symmetric encryption or
  containing PGP-garbage are handled in a more graceful manner,
- notification mails sent to admins contain a List-Id header, which should help
  with filtering such messages.

For details please see the changelog:

Downloadable files are linked in the README:
Updated packages for CentOS and Debian will be provided soon.

In case of problems, questions or feedback, please use the issue-tracker
<> or send us an email to
<team at>.

Best wishes,
schleuder dev team
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