Schleuder 3.2.3 released

From: team at
Date: Mon May 14 22:18:31 CEST 2018

Schleuder 3.2.3 has been released.

This release fixes some bugs, e.g. with emails sent by
Thunderbird/Enigmail with "protected subjects" (they are not leaked
anymore and keywords can be found again).
Also error messages are converted into human readable text now, instead
of giving their class-name.
And we moved the project to our own domain,!

For all details please see the changelog:

Downloadable files are linked in the README:
Packages for Debian and CentOS will follow as soon as possible.

Please note: This release is *not* related to "efail" (a disclosure of
vulnerabilities in email-programs that handle encrypted HTML-messages).

In case of problems, questions or feedback, please use the issue-tracker
<> or send us an email to
<team at>.

Best wishes,
schleuder dev team

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